Special Finishes Patchwork Mani

Ok…so this mani was pretty tough for me. The three polishes I wanted to use were all special finishes–the ones where you’re not supposed to use a top coat. Therefore…I had to wait FOREVER in between steps! Oh, HK Girl, how I missed you! So a few spots got smudged from the tape. :( But I love the color combo! I just wish I loved being patient! LOL

The three polishes are:
Sally Hansen Chic Pink – Satin Finish
Sally Hansen Teal Tulle – Satin Finish
L’Oreal Hidden Gems – Texture Finish

Step One: Two Coats of Sally Hansen Chic Pink

Step Two: Tape off different corners of the nails and do one coat of Sally Hansen Teal Tulle

Step Three: Tape off opposing corners and do one coat of L’Oreal Hidden Gems

I hope you like it, despite a few smudges here and there! 
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Author: Anne

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