Starlooks Starbox January 2014

My January 2014 Starlooks Starbox arrived today! It was quite a surprise because I didn’t get a tracking number email. This month’s box was  good…but not their best. In my opinion, there isn’t anything unique in this month’s box. Take a look…

Blush: I don’t see a name on this one. It’s a coral pink color. I have an extremely similar color from another Starbox so I will be saving this one for a swap or upcoming giveaway.

Lipstick in Tory. This is actually a great line of lipstick. It’s moisturizing and packs a decent color punch. However, (yet again) I have an extremely similar color from a past Starbox.

Eyeliner in Obsidian and eyelash brush. I’m a little underwhelmed about receiving a black eyeliner pencil. Isn’t that a touch boring? I have black eyeliners coming out my ears! I wish they had sent a fun color to play with.

Lipgloss in Guilty Pleasure. Again–very similar color to a past product. 
In conclusion, I think the box value is decent compared to the price paid ($17-ish after shipping) but I’m saturated on these colors! I will be saving this entire box for a swap or a giveaway.
Do you subscribe to Starbox? What did you get in your box this month?

Author: Anne

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