OPI Push and Shove

OPI Push and Shove is from the new Gwen Stefani collection. This is a mirrored metallic chrome. You can almost see a reflection in it. It is VERY cool.

It comes with a special base coat that helps make it so chrome like. You do not put a top coat on this polish, otherwise you’ll minimize the effect. It really only does last for 1 day, but at least OPI put that on the label. (good for them!) Since I change my polish every day, that is no big deal to me. The only other con is that it shows every flaw in your nail. You can see ridges very clearly. But since I’m distracted by shiny things, I got over that quickly!

When I showed this mani to my husband, he said, “You look like you’re from the future!” LOL!

Author: Anne

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