Naked3 Light Look

For today, I did a look using the lighter colors from the Naked 3 Palette. I do think I was too heavy-handed on my eyeliner. I should have kept that a lot lighter for a pinky, innocent look. Oh well! Live and learn.

I used Strange (far left) on my brown bone, as usual. :D

Dust was used for all over the lid and Limit was used in my crease. Then, I used Burnout to blend the two together.

After applying pencil liner, I used Blackheart (far right) to set the liner and to try and take the sheer blackness of the liner down a notch. Blackheart is black but has flecks of purple so I was hoping it would lighten the liner a little. It did, but not as much as I was hoping.

Author: Anne

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