Julep Maven December 2013 Boho Glam Box

I got my December Maven box in the mail! This month, Julep launched their first eyeshadow product. There have been mixed emotions about this online, so I’m excited to try it for myself.

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The two polishes from Boho Glam are Misti, the dusty teal and Joelle, the silver glitter. I added on Celia, the microshimmer green, because she was just too pretty to pass up! You can see swatches below. :)

The extra this month were hairbands. I like the colors I got!

Colors from left to right are: Tiramisu, Glow, Dusk, Toffee, and Cocoa

My first impression is that these were very buttery. I’m worried they might be a little too buttery, though. I want them to blend well, but still retain their unique colors. It really is a fine line to walk, isn’t it? Tomorrow will be the real test as I’m going to use this palette for my eye makeup!

And here is the swatch of Julep Celia. The formula was a tad thick for my liking. But, the color is gorgeous! It kinda shifts from a teal to an emerald green. No matter what color it is, it’s perfect for the holidays!!

Author: Anne

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