Barkbox November 2013

Another great box of joy for my furbabies from Barkbox! We received lots of treats and as usual, a fun new toy!

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You should see my dogs as I carry this box into the kitchen. Somehow, they always know it’s for them!

This is the toy for the month. It’s looks like a fun one to throw around and play some casual tug!

Yumzies jerky chews.

Twistix dental chews. I gave each of my three dogs one of these last night. I HIGHLY recommend supervising chew time with these. My GSD did start choking a little. He got it resolved on his own, but he surely had me worried for a minute.

Bocce’s Truffle treats in mac and cheese. These are a hit! The dogs tried them last night and apparently, they are delicious.

Author: Anne

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