Wantable Jewelry Box October 2013

My Wantable Jewelry Box October 2013 arrived today! I had to skip a couple months due to finances so I was extra excited for this month. ;)

If you’re interested in joining Wantable, please use my referral link by clicking here.

This month, I received 3 items totaling $78 in retail.

Heather Bracelet- retails for $20. This is my least favorite item I’ve ever gotten from Wantable. I need to go on my profile and tell them not to send me cuffs. I think they make my arm look fat. :

Belisma Ring- retails for $22. LOVE THIS RING. OMG. This ring is super cute! It’s girly and dainty and I know I’ll be wearing it all the time!

Allison Necklace- Retails for $36. This necklace is very cute. It’s not the sort of thing that I would probably pick out for myself, but I just know I’ll reach for it a lot! It will go with so many different outfits!

I love Wantable.com and it’s my favorite subscription box because of the intense customization the customer can do.

Author: Anne

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