Julep Maven October 2013 – Bombshell Plus Add Ons

Despite many shipping complaints on their Facebook page, my Julep Maven October 2013 came pretty quickly. I opted for the “Bombshell” version this month because I was very curious about the new latex finish. (No latex was used in the making of this finish.)

The black latex polish is called Cleopatra. Bombshell also came with Valerie and the new double ended eyeliner. I also added on Kendra, Ciara, and Casper (glows in the dark). I can’t wait to try everything!

From Left to Right: Kendra, Casper, Ciara

From Left to Right: Ciara, Cleopatra, Valeria

The top eyeliner swatch is freshly applied. The bottom swatch is after I lightly rubbed it with my finger. It didn’t move too much so I’m hopeful that it will be a good one. It didn’t apply as smoothly as I would have liked, though. Granted, it’s always hard to tell until you’re actually putting it on your eyelid.

I’m happy with my Julep box this month!

Author: Anne

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