Starlooks Starbox Birthday Box!

Every year in you birthday month, Starlooks sends you an extra Starbox! This was perfect for me because I wasn’t too thrilled with the September box from them but the birthday box I got these weekend was great!! I got three full-sized products that are all things I’m going to use on a regular basis.

Lipstick in Eva. I really like Starlooks lipstick and this rose-colored one is a perfect shade for me!

Eyeshadow. I don’t know what the name of this color is because it looks like the label fell off the bottom. It’s a light purple with what looks like tiny little shimmers.

Pencil Eyeliner in Indigo Frost. I’m also a fan of the liners Starlooks makes. They go on smoothly and have pretty good staying power.

I am quite impressed by this birthday box! I think this is a great extra that they do for their customers!

Author: Anne

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