Maybelline Vintage Leather Plush Plum

I saw the new Maybelline Vintage Leather Collection at my local Target this weekend. I was curious, so I picked up three of the 10 colors.

Basically, it’s a matte collection with some weird shimmery things meant to ruff it up. After I put on Plush Plum, I decided that I hated it so I’m going to return or sell Mod Moss and Camel. There are about 1,000 better matte nail polishes out there. These ones aren’t even well done! After I got all butthurt about the “holo” collection (aka not holo and totally ugly collection) I don’t even know why I gave a new Maybelline collection a chance. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice….

So for now, I’m pretty much done with any Maybelline special polishes. Their normal cream polishes are fine, but they are totally failing at the trendy, fun stuff.

Plush Plum

Author: Anne

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