Kiss Gradient Kit

I received this gold Kiss Gradient Kit courtesy of Kiss because I achieved a brand challenge on

I really like the idea of the kit, especially since gradients have been so popular lately. It was hard to achieve a smooth gradient because the instructions are just to use the brushes. I still think it looks pretty, though!

Step one is to apply two coats of the light metallic gold and let it dry. I actually really like this one on its own.

Step two is to apply one coat of the darker gold just to the top half of the nail. I also really like this gold and would wear it on its own.

Step three is to apply the gold glitter just to the top third of the nail. This one was a little harder as the glitters were hard to get out. They sit in a clear jelly base and I was just getting jelly! I ended up going over with the glitter twice to make sure it has some pop.

Author: Anne

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