Cult Cosmetics Black Box July 2013

What? Another July 2013 box? Yep. I cancelled, immediately regretted it, resigned up, and they sent me another July 2013 box. This one is slightly different than my first one, which you can see here. 

[Blogger keeps flipping this upside down! Rude, Blogger! Rude!]

Essie The Girls Are Out (Duplicate from my other July 2013 box)
Mash Dotting Tools (I already own a set of dotters, even though these colors are way better than mine!)
Essie Lapis of Luxury (new to me)
OPI Blue Shatter (this is a disappointment. While I don’t own it already, since when is shatter on trend? This is sooo last year!)

All in all, I’m glad I subscribed again even though this box is kind of a dud for me.

Author: Anne

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