Bonita Pinks Collection

Another steal from Ross! It was $5.99 for this great collection of pink polishes. The only thing I don’t like is that none of them have names.

For this one, the base color is a neon pink jelly. The topper has big heart glitters and small pink shimmers in a clear jelly base.

This one is a creme that is almost a jelly. I needed three coats for opaqueness. It’s a pinky coral color.

This one is a dark pink with tiny little shimmers in it.

This one is a light pink shimmery polish. I like it, but it does remind me a little but of an old lady color!

This one is a baby pink almost jelly. I needed three coats of this to reach opaqueness.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this collection. There are some really fantastic pinks in here!

Author: Anne

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