Essie Swatches from the July 2013 Cult Cosmetics Blackbox

I received these three Essie bottles from the July 2013 Cult Cosmetics Blackbox.

The first one is Essie Avenue Maintain which is a pretty light blue creme. It could have easily been done in one coat, but this is two.

This one is Essie Bottle Service which is a neon pink. This is two coats.

Essie The Girls Are Out is a Purpley Pink with tiny little shimmers in it. I dipped my tips in a white glitter pot before I got pics of just the swatch. Oops! So, the small shimmers you see are actually the polish. Anything that is bigger is from the glitter pot.

I must say–I like all three of these colors! I was going to try and pick a favorite, but I can’t! They are all gorgeous!

Author: Anne

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