New Maybelline Holographic Collection

While shopping for groceries today, I saw a display for the new Maybelline Holographic collection. Being a holo-a-holic, I had to get all five! The colors are Allurig Rose, Bold Gold, Lavender Lustre, Blue Blaze, and Mystic Green.

From left to right: Bold Gold, Lavender Luster, Blue Blaze

 From left to right: Mystic Green, Alluring Rose

 Alluring Rose is much more duochrome than it is holographic. It’s still pretty, but I don’t think it should be marked as a holo. It shifts from gold to a light rose gold. It reminds me of China Glaze Swanky Silk.

Lavender Lustre: Again, this one is much more duochrome and not at all holographic. I really feel like I’m getting taken for a ride! Maybelline has lost a lot of credibility with me with this collection. This one is light purple…and not even very pretty! It shifts from a weird gray to a light purple.

Bold Gold: This one is a chrome finish…which you’ll notice is not holographic. I’m getting more and more annoyed. The color is actually ok on this one. It’s a good gold. But, with all of these polishes, the finish is such that you can see every tiny flaw on the nails.

Blue Blaze: This one is a duochrome finish (not holographic!!) and shifts from gray to light blue. This one is not very pretty.

Mystic Green: I did not swatch this color. I returned the whole collection to the store, I was that disappointed!!!

Do not buy. In my opinion, there is not a single one worth picking up. Not only are they being FALSELY marketed as holographic, they’re not even pretty colors!!!

Author: Anne

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