Wantable Jewelry Box June 2013

I liked my May 2013 Wantable Makeup Box so much that I decided to take the risk and try the jewelry version. I am pleased as punch! I got four items and would wear each one.
I received: Reba Necklace, Sabina Ring, Rosalie Necklace, and Madison Ring. I just don’t know which is which! The packaging doesn’t tell me names!

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Chain necklace silver bling rings. The bling is a touch larger than a fifty cent piece. I actually really like this!

Tassel necklace. This is my least favorite piece in the box but I will still wear it! It’s golden/coppery metal rods hanging down. It’s not ling. It will probably hit me midway between my collar bone and cleavage.

I’m already totally in love with this ring! I love that it’s chunky and has sparkly stones inside. It fits perfectly as well because you can tell Wantable your ring size! Hooray!

 Also totally in love with this ring! Again, it’s chunky which I do like. It’s also got a nice, pretty stacked look to it. The stones are black with I also really like.

 I am very happy with this jewelry box and I will remain a subscriber going forward!

Author: Anne

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