Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+

I received Osis+ Dust It Texture Mattifying Powder free of charge from Influester in exchange for my honest opinion.

The Dust It Powder offers light control of hair, a soft matte effect, control and separation, and natural feel. From the web: OSiS+ Dust It is a multi purpose mattifying powder that adds incredible root lift, texture and control. Perfect for creating thicker, fuller-looking hair.

You are supposed to apply it to dry hair.

First, let me say that I really hate having product in my hair. It’s taken me over a year, but I finally trained my hair dresser to not put styling products in my hair after I get it cut. So, needless to say, I was already prepared to hate this. My hair is already dry and brittle (bleach blonde shout out!) so the thought of a mattifying powder scared me a little.

Pushing through my hesitation, I sprinkled the powder around my crown. This is where I want more texture and volume.

 You can see it looks like dandruff! LOL!

Then, using my fingers, I pushed my roots up everywhere I put the powder. You can see it holds pretty well.
After that, I smoothed down my hair a bit so I didn’t look like a freak!

Overall, I think it gives nice volume and texture. You can re-lift your roots throughout the day as your hair flattens out.

You *can* feel it in your hair, though. It does not feel “natural” like the box claims. It feels like there’s crap in your hair–which is why I hate hair products. I like the way it looks but I hate the way it feels.

The final verdict is that I will probably only use this on special occasions and I’ll remain product-less on normal days. If the feel of product in your hair doesn’t bother you, then I surely think you should try this product out! It works very well! You can find more information here:

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