QVC Test Tube Spring 2013

Normally I am thrilled to receive my Test Tube in the mail. Unfortunately, this quarter’s tube leaves a lot to be desired. I’ll share my thoughts on each product individually.

Wen Multitasking Mist in Fig. How do I feel about Wen? Here’s how: “When” are they going to stop? I’m sick of receiving this brand in Test Tubes. I already know it’s not a favorite of mine, so let’s move on and let me try something new.

Josie Maran Argan Oil. How many of these can one girl have? How about 5. Yep. I have 5 of these little bottles from various subscriptions. I don’t even like it! It makes my hair all oily and disgusting! So, I guess I’ll try and give it away to someone?

Tarte skinny Smolder Eyes clay eyeliner in sunstone bronze. When I opened this one, I was excited. I thought I was finally getting to stuff I’d use and love. I swatched it and was like “OMG! This is beautiful!: It has tiny little gold flecks. Then I ran my finger across it back and forth once and it was almost all gone. (See the second picture.) So needless to say, I do not have high hopes of this being a long-lasting liner.

Manicure Booster Polish Extender. Now THIS is one product I truly am excited to try it. I’ve never tried the brand and as you know, I love doing my nails!

Philosophy Hope in a Jar night cream. I am also happy about this sample sized tube because Philosophy is an amazing brand. I have dry skin so I think this one will be a winner with me.

Mally Volumizing Masacara. This is another one I’m disappointed with. It’s come in a previous Test Tube and it was one of the worst mascaras I’ve ever tried. I will try and give this one away but I might have to throw it out.

Algenist anit-aging peel. I have not tried this before so I’ll reserve judgement until after I have tried it.

Peter Thomas Roth anti-aging cleansing gel. I love the Peter Thomas Roth brand so I’m excited to try this one as well.

In short the whole tube is “meh” when usually it’s “hooray!” Oh well! I guess that’s the risk you take with these ‘surprise’ boxes!

Author: Anne

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