Mirenesse Haul including April Glamm Box and Easter Beauty Dips

Lots of fun girly goodness in the mail today! I got another Mirenesse order in the mail today. I had taken advantage of their killer Easter deals. This shipment came a lot faster than my last one. Hooray!

Here are all the little envelopes containing unknown wonderful surprises!

First, I opened my gifts with purchase bag since I knew what those were going to be. On top is a mini gloss that is a clear gloss with little glitters. In the middle is Icon Sealer 24 hours Concealer and on the bottom is a sample of their daily face and neck mineral balm.

Swatch of the clear gloss…so basically, a picture of my hand! LOL

 Easter Dips: Eyes

A full sized shadow palette! Wonderful and beautiful colors! The name of the palette is Conch Pearls

Double Ended eyeliner. One end is brown and the other is black. I’m not sure I really like the double ended stuff because once you use up your favorite end, you’re stuck! Although, they would be great for traveling!

Easter Dips: Face
Absolutely Radiant Tinted Moisturizer and their award-winning Powder Foundation. I did rub my finger in this powder and it is super velvety smooth. I can’t wait to try it tomorrow!

Easter Dips: Lips
A double-ended eyeliner (black) and lip liner (cocoa) and a lipstick in Margerita [sic]. It’s a neutral light brown that will go with a lot of makeup looks.

April 2013 Glamm Box (Makeup Edition)
Inside Out Eye Kohl in black, Cougar Mascara, and 3D Forever Gloss in Honey Bunny. The gloss smells amazing! I apologize for the blurry picture. I didn’t realize how blurry it was until I posted it up here.

Three surprise gifts:
On the left, PowerLift Eye Serum, Shadow Primer, and double ended eye brightening stick. I already have their primer. I’ve never really gone crazy for eye primers. I honestly don’t notice a difference with or without them. I guess I just use that high-quality eyeshadow. Hahaha. The brightening stick has one pale pink end for the water line and a white end for the inside corners of your eye. Could be interesting…

Well, that’s my haul for now! I can’t wait to try them all!

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