OMG – The China Glaze Hologlam Collection!

Let me set the mood…it’s a dark and stormy Northwest evening. My husband is playing Call of Duty. I’m bored. I decide that I need to go to Sally Beauty to get at least one of the new China Glaze Hologlam collection. I bribe my husband with promises of also going to GameStop. He falls for it. As I’m walking up to Sally Beauty, there is a sign. A sign that must be too good to be true…Buy two, get one free!

I squealed.

I am the luckiest girl in the world! :) They only had 9 of the 12 in the collection, so I’ll have to stalk Amazon or something to find them. Can’t have an incomplete collection, now can I??

Here are teaser pics of all the bottles and I put on Don’t Be a Lunatic. It’s amazing. :P

Group photo!

Three-somes with flash

 Three-somes without flash

And for our first guy, Don’t be a Luna-Tic. This is a gorgeous silver/light green. There have been some people on the internet complaining that these aren’t holo-enough. I think that this first one is wonderful! And, it was the least impressive in the bottle so that’s why I did it first. I am one happy camper!


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