StarlooksStarbox March 2013

Another fabulous set of products from Starlooks. I am seriously loving this company!

This month, we received three FULL Size items and one trial size item. WHAT? all that for $16? Yeppers!
Here we go.

 Eyeshadow in “Dissarry”. Retail price $12. The color payoff isn’t that great when I swatched it, but that is for the best since I wouldn’t wear a purple this dark, anyway! Ill have fun experimenting with it, though!

Lengthening mascara. Retail Price $11. Who isn’t always on the lookout for a new mascara? The packaging for this guy is really cool. It feels like carbonite or something. It’s really heavy. In a good way!

Lipstick in “Flutter”. Retail price $11. This is an orangey lipstick that I wouldn’t have ever bought for myself. And…that is the whole point of these boxes! Trying new things! Plus, orange lips are all the rage for Spring, so I’ll be wearing this guy tomorrow!

Bonus item: Lip Sugar! This is a vanilla scented exfoliating scrub for lips. The product hasn’t been released yet in their collection. It seems like they’re testing it out first. I’m excited to try! It smells divine!

Another happy Starlooks customer!

Author: Anne

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