Julep Valentine’s Day Mystery Box

Today, I received the Julep Valentine’s Day Mystery Box. I received on lip gloss (dupe for me) and 5 polishes (two new, three dupes).
The gloss was Camellia. The polishes are Emma, Maya, Charlotte (dupes), and Rose and Evangeline (new).
Overall, I’m ok with the box since the two new colors I got were worth the price of the box itself. I think I should probably stop buying Julep’s Mystery boxes only because I usually do add-ons or upgrades for my Maven boxes which means I already own most of their colors!

From left to right: Rose, Maya, Charlotte, Evangeline, Maya

I won’t be swatching the gloss because its new and I want to give it away. :) But, it’s a sheer light pink.
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Author: Anne

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