Julep Maven Box February 2013

This month, I splurged and upgraded to the whole collection. I just couldn’t pick between the different maven profiles! So I guess that means I needed them all. :P

I received 12 colors, 2 of whom were dupes. I also received the new Oxgen Nail Treatment and the Freedom Polymer Topcoat. All of this came in a gorgeous jewelry box. They also included a surprise eyelash curler and two chocolate hearts.

This is the surprise eyelash curler Julep included.  It looks like it will be a great one for travel!

Oxygen Nail Treatment. Claims to increase nail strength and reduce peeling. It says to apply 1-2 times per week and for best results to not use with any polish. (Omg! Will I be able to go bare??)

 Freedom Polymer Top Coat. Claims to go on like a polish and perform like a gel. Instructions say to apply one coat over dry polish. So does that mean I should apply it after Seche Vite or instead of? I guess I’ll have to experiment! It says to cure under a 60-watt bulb for two minutes.

From Left to Right (for all pics)
Oscar (Duplicate. This was in last year’s maven boxes), Laura (green/gray creme), Marion (Blue shimmer)

Julianne (Creme blue/gray), Joan (Purpler shimmer), Helen (Creme purple)

Ellie (Duplicate from last box. Metallic formula, which I am not impressed with), Ginger (Purple/Gray Shimmer), Sally (Creme Yellow)

Ingrid (Creme orange), Claudette (Creme red), Rebel (Silver Shimmer)

Obviously, you can look forward to many swatches in the days to come!

Author: Anne

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