Essie Gel Couture Review

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Today, I have an Essie Gel Couture review for you. Essie sent me this new collection which is a 2-step system with no base coat, no lamp, and easy removal.

Whenever I see a “gel” polish line that doesn’t need a curing lamp, I’m a little skeptical. I’ve tried quite a few different lines and none of them lasted any long than normal polish.

Then, in steps Essie Gel Couture. This is a gel-like collection with a special topcoat. So far, this seems like all the rest…but wait until you see the pictures from my wear test.

Essie Haute to Trot is a beautiful bubble gum pink creme. I chose this one to wear first because I love pink and knew I needed to do a wear test with these.

With regular polish, I usually need to change after 48 hours or else I can’t be seen in public. I use my hands way too much and polish chips on me quite quickly. Good thing I like painting my nails because to keep them looking gorgeous, they really need to be done every day.essie-haute-to-trot-swatch

Here is a pic of my nails after 4 whole days of wear. I taught dog training classes (puppy teeth are brutal on nail polish), went to a Doctor Who convention, did the dishes, and cleaned. All while wearing this polish.

After 4 days, it looks THE SAME AS IT DID ON DAY ONE. essie-gel-couture-review


This formula skyrocketed Essie up to my favorite list. I will absolutely be adding more Essie Gel Couture colors to my collection. In the meantime….let’s take a look at the other colors Essie sent me.

Essie Rock the Runway is a classic red creme.

essie-rock-the-runway essie-rock-the-runway-swatch

The other fabulus thing about this line is it has my favorite kind of brush. I get the best application with a flat, tapered brush. When I use a brush like this, I have little to no cleanup to do! Hooray!essie-gel-couture-reviews

Essie On the List is a lovely coral creme.

essie-on-the-list essie-on-the-list-swatch

Essie Surrounded by Studs is a deep, deep blue. I thought it was a creme, but when I saw it in the sunlight, it almost has a metallic sheen to it.

essie-surrounded-by-studs-swatch essie-surrounded-by-studs

Essie Drop the Gown is a burgandy creme.

essie-drop-the-gown-swatch essie-drop-the-gown

Essie Zip Me Up is one of my favorites. Pearlescent finish seems to be really trendy right now because it is also in a recent OPI and China Glaze collection. This is the green version. :)

essie-zip-me-up essie-zip-me-up-swatch

Essie Gala-Vanting is a deep oxblood creme.

essie-gala-vanting essie-gala-vanting-swatch

Essie Spool Me Over is a light coral, almost nude color.

essie-spool-me-over essie-spool-me-over-swatch

Essie Pearls of Wisdom is a metallic finish that has some brown tones but is also red. It’s really quite a lovely and interesting color.

essie-pearls-of-wisdom-swatch essie-pearls-of-wisdom

Essie Touch Up is a light lilac creme.

essie-touch-up essie-touch-up-swatch

I’m so happy that Essie sent this collection my way. These are going to be polishes that I reach for all the time. Have you had a chance to try this formula yet?

ColorProof Detox

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ColorProof sent me their Detox collection in the mini, “jet-set” size. I’ve used quite a few ColorProof products by now and I have to say, these are some of my favorite shampoos and conditioners. With vibrant hair color, you have to be super careful about what products you use on your hair. My hair stylist can tell when I’ve been using different things based on how much the color has faded since my last visit. Whenever I’ve been using ColorProof, she comments how vibrant my hair is. I think that’s really quite the seal of approval for ColorProof…even though she doesn’t know she’s doing it! :)

colorproof-detox colorproof-detox-review

I use the products as instructed which was to use the detox “clear it up” shampoo first. This is the one that gets all the dirt and old product out of your hair – without removing all the color. Then, use the regular shampoo and conditioner.


This trio made my hair feel really great and like I was starting fresh after each wash. Obviously, that’s how you want to feel after washing your hair, but some shampoos and conditioners just make my fine hair feel a little weighed down and like it still has product in it.

color-proof-detox-review colorproof-review color-proof-review

Thanks again to ColorProof for sending the ColorProof Detox trio my way. If you have any color in your hair, this is a fantastic brand to try.