Fairytale Finish May 2016

{Purchased by Me}

The Fairytale Finish Never-ending Fairytales subscription box is one of the subscriptions that I just can’t get rid of. Each month, Amanda’s polishes get better and better. I know Amanda in person and it’s been really cool seeing her company grow. She’s a talented polish maker and I’m excited every month to see what new pretties await me in my mailbox!

This month’s theme is nautical. We received two full-sized polishes and some nautical-themed decals (anchors and ship steering wheels….whatever those are called).

This is Fairytale Finish Nautical Nonsense. It’s a crelly polish with white and blue glitters in it. The base is an off-white color, leaning toward yellow. I didn’t think I was going to like it much but I loved it on. My husband even commented on it and he’s so used to polish that he’s really stopped commenting on anything that happens over here at my polish desk!

fairytale-finish-nautical-nonsense fairytale-finish-nautical-nonsense-swatch

Fairytale Finish Batten Down the Hatches is a deep navy creme polish. I needed the standard two coats for this one.

fairytale-finish-batten-down-the-hatches-swatch fairytale-finish-batten-dpwn-the-hatches

GlitterDaze You Were Mermaid for This

{Purchased by Me}

As you may already know, I’ve started my own dog training business. I’ve been taking a close examination at all my finances to see what expenses can be cut. Each time I consider cutting the Daze of the Month subscription from GlitterDaze, she comes out with a f*cking gorgeous polish! Damn her! Damn her and her gorgeous polishes!!!!

This month, the polish is GlitterDaze You Were Mermaid for This. It’s a lovely light purple with a variety of shard glitters in it. I did need three thin coats for full opacity due to the jelly-like finish of the base. I loved wearing this polish and I love looking at it still. It’s simply beautiful. And I am now stuck being a Daze of the Month subscriber, despite trying to cut expenses!!!

glitterdaze-you-were-mermaid-for-this glitterdaze-you-were-mermaid-for-this-swatch