It Cosmetics Bye Bye Collection

{Press Sample}

It Cosmetics sent me their Bye Bye Collection to show you! It Cosmetics is one of my all-time favorite brands. Their products are reliably high quality and the color payoff and staying power is always fantastic.

They sent me this adorable train case to go with the collection. I used this to haul all my makeup when my parents, boyfriend, and I all went to stay in Port Angeles last month! It was the perfect size to hold all my morning and night beauty routine products.


This time, It Cosmetics sent me Bye Bye Lines, Bye Bye Under Eye, Bye Bye Red, Bronzer, Bye Bye Makeup remover wipes, and Bye Bye Pores finishing it-cosmetics-bye-bye-collection-review

This remover wipes did a fantastic job. I wear waterproof and long-wearing makeup so my makeup remover needs to go full Hulk on my face to get everything off. These remover wipes did a great job and I would definitely recommend them!it-cosmetics-bye-bye-review it-cosmetics-review

This entire collection is made of fine powder that makes my skin look fantastic. It somehow doesn’t settle into my creases/cracks/lines and stays right on top of my skin all day.

Color Street Wisteria Lane

Color Street Wisteria Lane is from the new spring collection. This wrap is a gorgeous red glitter polish topped with black polka dots. This one fits my blog branding perfectly. LOL

color-street-wisteria-lane color-street-wisteria-lane-nail-wrap

Color Street American Cheer

Color Street American Cheer is from the newest seasonal collection from Color Street! This new collection features four new designs – two glitters and two nail art – that are perfect for summer barbecues and fireworks!

American Cheer is a red polish with red, white, and blue glitter of all shapes. My coworker tried Color Street for the first time yesterday and she was going on and on about how easy it is! If you haven’t tried it yet, I promise you will love how simple and easy the application process is. If you’ve had a bad experience with other brands’ nail wraps, give Color Street a try!

color-street-american-cheer color-street-american-cheer-nail-wrap

Zoya Sunshine Swatches

{Press Sample}

This post is a long time coming! Last month, I got the Zoya Sunshine collection sent to me as a press sample from Zoya. This is a collection of lovely creams and two glitter toppers. The glitter toppers are totally my favorite. They can change up the look of any of the polishes!

Zoya Missy


Zoya Karen

zoya-karen zoya-karen-swatch

Zoya Ellie

zoya-ellie-swatch zoya-ellie

Zoya Saldana on top of Ellie

zoya-saldana zoya-soldana-swatch

Zoya Clementinezoya-clementine-swatch zoya-clementine

Zoya Marigold

zoya-marigold zoya-marigold-swatch

Zoya Minnie

zoya-minnie zoya-minnie-swatch

Zoya Nahla

zoya-nahla-swatch zoya-nahla

Zoya Sandy

zoya-sandy zoya-sandy-swatch

Zoya Deliazoya-delia zoya-delia-swatch

Zoya Jack

zoya-jack-swatch zoya_jack

Zoya Virginia

zoya-virginia zoya-virginia-swatch

Color Street Amazonia

Color Street Amazonia is new this spring! This is a beautiful glitter snakeskin print. The glitter nail art are always my favorite designs from Color Street. They just seem to be the wraps that adhere to my nail the best and the easiest. For some reason, I have a hard time with the solid colors. Probably due to my sharp c-curve. But the glitter wraps? They go on smooth as butter!


Color Street wraps are currently buy 3 get 1 free for all designs except french. French have an even better deal! Buy 1 get 1 free! Check out the designs at