Pretty Serious Holiday Soiree Collection


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I loved the Pretty Serious Killer Fangirl collection so much that I went online right away and bought the holiday soiree collection. This collection consists of six glitter polishes that are not joking around when you call them a glitter bomb.

Pretty Serious Glitz & Glam

Glitz & Glam is a full coverage gold small glitter. I did three coats to achieve full opacity and did not use a base color. I was very impressed with how well this built up. You could also do one coat over another color for just a little added sparkle. With all three coats together, this is a golden disco ball on your fingers.




Pretty Serious Cocktail Bar

Cocktail Bar is one of the most beautiful polishes I have ever put on my fingers. It is a teal jelly with a few different types of glitter. What makes it super unique is that it also has some blue glitters thrown in for added dimension and charm. I did not want to take this one off. This is just two coats.




Pretty Serious Daphne After Dark

Daphne After Dark is a black jelly with rainbow glitters in it. At first, I didn’t think I was going to like this one too much, but I was quite surprised at its beauty on the nail. This is just two coats, which is also quite nice!



Pretty Serious Red Carpet Treatment

 Red Carpet Treatment is a super sexy red jelly packed with glitters. I only needed two coats for this one. This is a candy apple red and the glitter makes it super festive! I wore this one to my work holiday party!




Pretty Serious Invitation Only

Invitation Only is a beautiful gray with what appears to be green and lavender micro glitters. This is two coats.




Pretty Serious Moments Til Midnight

Moments Til Midnight is a deep blue jelly with small and large silver glitters. I did three coats with this one. This one might be my favorite of the collection, but I’m a huge sucker for teal polishes.



All in all, I am extremely happy with this collection. The colors are gorgeous and the formula is great. I would definitely recommend getting this!

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The Easiest Nail Art in the World

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I did this nail art on a day when I was feeling truly lazy. I just had no energy to be creative! Unfortunately, I was going out in public so obviously I had to have some sort of art on my nails!! I decided to take the easy way out… This mani is so simple and easy! I started with two coats of Nailtini Bloody Mary which is one of my favorite reds of all time. Then, I used Simply Swift top coat from from which is super fast drying. Once it was dry (about 10 minutes or less) I used these Pueen flower decals that I got for super cheap from Amazon. Then, I did one more coat of Simply Swift to seal them in. That’s it! All done! The fastest nail art ever!




Simply Swift is so shiny that you can hardly even see the decals! LOL! This many held up quite well through the family events of the day, shining the whole time! And I’m the only one who knew it was soooo easy! ;)

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Northern Star Reindeer Games

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Northern Star Reindeer Games was one of the four polishes in the December 2014 beauty quartet box. This is my first Northern Star polish and the formula is fantastic! Reindeer Games is a brown holo. I did two coats for this look.  I used the Cici&Sisi Christmas Plate and Konad White to do the stamping nail art. I’ve been obsessed with snowflakes this season. Sorry if you’re getting sick of them! I just think snowflakes look awesome on top of pretty much every color. Plus, they’re a great way to be seasonal and festive without having to commit to a certain holiday.





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Silver Tips Nail Art

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I have had the mini set of the OPI Coca Cola collection for months and I haven’t used any of them yet! I’m such a slacker!!! I’m wearing a blurple sweater dress to work tomorrow so I thought that red nails would look really sharp. I selected OPI Coca Cola Red which is a gorgeous and classic red creme. I basically can’t be seen in public without some sort of nail art so I taped off the tips and used OPI My Signature is DC to add a silver french mani.



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